Home Camera Review DJI Osmo Pocket Review,Specification,Price,Offer

DJI Osmo Pocket Review,Specification,Price,Offer

DJI Osmo Pocket Review,Specification,Price,Offer
DJI Osmo Pocket Review,Specification,Price,Offer
DJI, a well-known company for its amazing range of drones like the spark and the phantom, both suitable to capture amazing shots over skies, with accessible controls, has a new, attractive and beautiful friend in their team, that is dij’s osmo pocket.
So, let’s check out what this all new dij osmo pocket have some amazing secrets in it, which are tending to be really amazing.

DJI Osmo Pocket Specification:

As the name suggests, the all new osmo pocket is a camera, suitable for your pocket, to carry along with you on your journey, enabling you to capture your amazing memories, despite of carrying a bulky one. Like the other pocket friendly competitors, available in the market, osmo also can record video in 4k quality at 60 frames per second,
which is best in its own. although this is an independent one, but if you want a wide view finder, then you Can attach your smartphones to this using port, available as an extra attachment with it. having a good battery life, one can make a video of approximately of one hour and forty minutes, which could be continued after an hour of charging, creating a good impression.
But it has some fantastic qualities, along with some major faults!!!
So, Lets’ check them out.


  • Having an awesome tiny mechanism, that is three axis gimbals, provide you a steady video with three different recording modes. The first one is following mode, in which camera moves with the movement of your face. Second one is locked mode, keeping camera lock in its horizontal position, enabling up and down movement. Third one is the new, fvp mode, following the person in every tilt, turn or rotation, acting as an action camera.
  • A very new feature is also introduced in this by dij, which is the story mode, which combined all the recorded activities of the day into a beautiful video, tending to be as a story.
  • Does not require a tripod and wire for other attachments, creating an ease of access to its features.
  • Have an extra microphone with it, removing the problem of finding a one, can capture audio on it’s best, enabling your on-time voice with your video.
  • Because of its small size, it could be a suitable choice to record videos and to make vlogs, with a fantastic quality, could be uploaded on YouTube.

DJI Osmo Pocket FAULTS

  • With a dimension of 122mm x 29mm x 37mm, osmo weights around 115 grams, a little heavier than the competitors.
  • No wireless method of connection, which means no transfer of dada, thus must to work manually to have it in your smartphone or computer, only accessible for ios user
  • Despite of amazing capturing quality, was not been accessible under water without its case, creating a new problem.
  • Touch and buttons are too small to operate, cresting a movement of chaos for the user.
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