Google AdSense Latest update 2020

Google AdSense Latest update

Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the Google AdSense Latest update 2020. The Ads Optimal Best Alternative Google Adsense is one of the alternatives that can be utilized advertiser and also closely resemblesGoogle Adsense.

Google AdSense Latest update

Ads optimal is a service Advertiser ad also providers such as
google adsense. The difference is the Ads Optimal is more flexible on the display
Mobile which is possible to adjust the Google algorithm today is the algorithm

The Ads Optimal still in the stage of the promos and bonuses when it Approve.
According to the Ads Optimal guarantees RPM more compared to the Adsense Ads
besides the Optimal which is also provides registration bonus of total $ 15 $ 10 after
the Approve but $ 5 obtained after the upgrade Premium account.

How to Register at the Ads Optimal for the Website

1. Click on this link List Ads Optimal.

2. Then Click on the Sign Up to get into the registration tab as shown below:

3. Fill in all the complete data and register. If it is complete click Submit for the

4. At this point signup you succeed and can directly log on the site Optimal Ads, but
to be able to put your ad code which may still have to wait for a confirmation email if
you are accepted into a Publisher or not later than 1 x 24 hours.

5. During the process of the waiting for approve it helps you to do the postings on
this Optimal Ads on the Blog.

6. After Receiving the conformation about the approval.

How to Install the AdsOptimal Ads on Blogs

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After the listing and When it is approved Ads Optimal Account, the next step is to
install the script Ads Optimal ads on the blog so that the ads appear. Replacing the
ad script Ad Optimal with a little different from AdSense. For example, for blogger
(blogspot) AdSense ads simply add widgets HTML / JavaScript and insert ad script.

However, the install of Ads Optimal ads not through a widget, but to directly enter the
ad script to the template, exactly in the tag <head>. But even then the ad script can
also be entered manually by selecting the Custom Ads that can find in your
Ads Optimal account dashboard. The Advertisement custom scripts can be installed
in the widget, but you also have to enter the first script tag into the <head>.

1. For getting the ads Ads Optimal, Log into your account dashboard.

2. On the Get Code, you can select the type of the display advertising.

3. I suggest to use the recommended or the ads that much $$$. Recommended ads
will have more earning opportunities which are many.

4. After getting the code, then just need to add in the template settings, edit HTML.
Copy the code as shown below before the closing </ head>.

5. Save the template. Now you see the ads AdsOptimal by opening the blog that is
smartphones and PC.

So, the little information about the Ads Google Adsense Alternatives Optimal Best.
Hopefully the above review could be beneficial for the readers who are tired of
continuously rejected by the Adsense.

If any Questions is persist then, please feel free to comment your viewpoints.

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