How to make money from Quora partner program?

make money from Quora partner program

Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the How to make money from Quora partner program?

What is Quora?

Quora, one of the best websites, having enormous number of visitors with their doubts and thousands of knowledgeable persons to response them. From its early development stages in June 2010, till the present time, Quora has more than hundred million active users in its family, which is best in its own.

Founded by Mr. Adam D’ Angelo and Charlie Cheever, the co-employees of the Facebook, Quora has a vision to engage as much users as it can by some qualitative information’s, which was essential to known by other ones too.

What is Quora Partner Program?

Having a huge number of users with it, Quora was unable to maintain its popularity among its competitors because most of the users are not regular, some of them forgot their login details and other just logged into it just through other websites, which was a harmful trend for it.

So, to overcome this, Quora has begun its ‘Partner Program’ on July, last year, which is meant to have its user back to its interface, having a reason for the same, that is money.

Make money from Quora partner program?

Quora Partner Program Implementation, If you were an existing member on Quora, with a good collection of questions with you and a lot of solutions too, then this program is perfect for you to earn. This program just requires question from a user, for which it pays based on response it receives by the other user.

For this purpose, Quora sell ads of its other partners to the users of Quora, which they must apply on their posts, where they ask questions.

But what is important is the uniqueness of the question, which may attract more users toward it, otherwise same genre of question have a less pay then its preceding one.

How much can we earn from Quora ?

If you are an existing member of Quora, then to apply for the partner program, you must have a bank account, to withdraw your earnings from your questions.

After this, the engagement of audience on your question is the main source of your earning, which may be $0.01-$100 and more.

But the payment of the post is based on a time period of twenty-eight days, which was further extended up to one year, if the audience driven to the post is enough, as per to their protocols.

Interestingly, today the top earning members have a monthly income of $20,000 and is increasing steadily with time, along with some beginner too, having a total income of $2000 each month.

Quora Partner Program Precautions

Like other earning programs, Quora ‘partner program’ also have some precaution measures in it, to save its genuine users and to stop malpractices.

In this Quora block users, questions and answer which may have adult contents, contents leading to violence towards a community in society or spreading terror with some other controversial topics, which may threat thee dignity of the website.

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