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Resellerclub Hosting Review – Cheap and Best Web Hosting in India

Reseller Club Hosting Review

Resellerclub Hosting Review – Cheap and Best Web Hosting in India, Resellerclub, for the present, seems to be the best hosting provider for the dedicated web developers and other web professional around the globe.

This website provides a wide range of services to its trusting customers, including domain names, web hosting, cloud services and many more, making it one in all package for those searching different web platforms for these services.

About The Resellerclub:

Resellerclub, owned and operated by endurance international group, is established in Mumbai, India, at 1998, is now the one of the hosting brands, which with its best, is in competition with other well know international competitors. In the present, the Resellerclub have around two lakhs trusted active users with it, which makes it more valuable than the other ones.

But what is the main reason for this trust? Then the answer is their awesome services, in terms of speed, scale to handle the traffic, support for the users, and security from malware to the content of the website. Instead of this, the Resellerclub have an awesome team, which was always ready to assist a user, including developers, account manager and sales executives. This team is so compassionate that it measures a user’s requirement along with its budget, that could fit perfectly in his desired budget.


Review Of The Resellerclub:

If I was right, till now, you were quite impressed with the Resellerclubs. So, now let’s go into detail about the products, features and benefits, offered by the Resellerclub, which are important if you want a quick and smooth functioning website.

So here are these as follow:

Resellerclub products and services

Because Resellerclub must compete with other proficient competitors of its kind, this makes them so versatile that they recognize the needs of a user much easily, which creates a never-ending relationship between them.

Resellerclub have a large variety of options, from which, today we go through these ones:

  • Hosting
  • Email
  • Security
Reseller Club Services
Resellerclub Services

But for now, we are going to have the Resellerclub’s hosting plans for the new users, which are going to join the Resellerclub without having any doubt. So, let’s begin,

  • Hosting
  • Shared hosting
  • HostGator shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Drupal hosting
  • Joomal hosting
  • Email
  • Business email
  • Enterprise emails
  • G-suit
  • Security
  • Website backup
  • SSL certificate
  • Website security
  • Some pros of the Resellerclub


Before knowing what secrets, Resellerclub has for a customer in this, first I would like to clear this term ‘hosting’ to you. So, in basic, hosting is the basic services required for a website to be on the internet. In this, websites are generally got ‘servers’, provided by the hosting company, which stores their data.

Till present, Resellerclub have nine different types of hosting with it, which are in detail as follows:

Shared hosting:

This is available for both windows and Linux, by the Resellerclub, making it the mostly chosen one. Along with this, for both the platforms, as the name suggest, a website can have multiple users, as per to the admin of the website, making it affordable and reducing the Burdon for a single person, to maintain a website.

Interestingly, Resellerclub uses the latest web hosting architecture built by using premier dell servers, which are powered by juniper switches, which a full power combo for a user.

Another interesting feature of thus shared hosting is that these were equipped with the cPanel, for Linux and Plesk panel, for windows, which enables a user to have a full advantage for the chosen offer.

Instead of this, the plans that resellerclub offers are cool you can go through them from the following link:

For Linux shared hosting:

For windows shared hosting:

Reseller Club Share Hosting Plans
Resellerclub Share Hosting Plans

HostGator shared hosting

Now this is for those, who want a little bit difference for them. For the name itself, a user can get that his hosting is directly directed by the HostGator itself, which was in a Collab with the Resellerclub.

Like the shared hosting plan, this also comes with the cPanel, along with unmetered bandwidth and unlitited subdomains for a user.

So, if you want to have the plans for the HostGator, then you a go through the link below:

HostGator shared hosting:

HostGator shared hosting
HostGator shared hosting

Cloud hosting

Now for many of the user, this is seeming to be a new term. But don’t worry, I will give you a brief for this. So, in cloud hosting, the basic resources required for a website is not taken from a single server itself, but it consists of a set of other shared servers, which makes it fast and reliable in respect to shared hosting.

With this, the cloud hosting provided by the Resellerclub comers with varnish caching, the best caching support for websites, which turns a user’s website friendlier and reduces loading time by larger fraction than the other caching providers, enabling a user’s website to handle a large amount of traffic, if required.

So just go through the link below to have your best offer as per to your budget:

Cloud hosting:

Cloud hosting
Cloud hosting

Reseller hosting

Now if you want to have your own hosting business, with enough customers to make users under you, then this plan only belongs to you. With Resellerclub, you can be a Reseller among a group of other service demanding persons, either for window or for Linux.

But what you will get in this offer? So, the answer is unlimited disk space with ample bandwidth and a full planned email solution, with the power to customize plan as per to the requirement of your users, creating an ease to grow out of the crowd.

Also, to manage several users, your Reseller hosting account have a WHMCS, which enables you to track your user along with some important client management tools.

Want to be a Reseller, then just click the link below have a new beginning:

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting
Reseller hosting

WordPress hosting

Now if you are familiar with WordPress or opting to have a website with it in future or have a website using WordPress in present, then this plan is meant for you.

The Resellerclub provide you a much easy controllable dashboard, which help a user to maintain its WordPress website, emails, etc along with a proper monitoring of a user’s CPU and ram, opted by the website.

Also, with Resellerclub, a user got a full-time backup over his data by the code guard, with unlimited database along with security of his website by the Site Lock, which gives a full report of daily malware and vulnerability removal. These are the in-build features of this plan, so a user must pay a nominal cost for their maintenance purpose only.

So, if you seem interesting in this, then click the link given below, and go through it to have your ideal plan:

WordPress hosting:

WordPress hosting
WordPress hosting

Drupal hosting

Drupal”?? if this is your reaction after having the title, then don’t worry, I will tell you the story of this amazing name. So, Drupal is an open source content management system, available in php, at free of cost for the web developers under GNU general public licence. From all the websites available till now, Drupal provides a back-end framework for at least 2.3 percentage from them.

Drupal have specialist in themes, plugins and many more other stuffs, sufficient enough to build a power packed website for a user, with awesome performance and builds a true reliability on it and with Collab with Resellerclub, this trust becomes double for a user, that he was going to have an amazing website for its viewers.

So, if you want to have a different taste for your website, then click the link given below to surf the offers as per to your convenience:

Drupal hosting:

Drupal hosting
Drupal hosting

Joomla hosting

Now this is another amazing Collab of Resellerclub for its users. But what if a user doesn’t know what “joomla” is?? Just be here, and here comes your answer.

So, joomala is second most popular after the WordPress in web development. Whereas it has many similarities with Drupal, joomal is much far better than that.

Through Resellerclub, a user gets FTPS for its contents uploaded on the website along with SSH for the downloads.

Now, to know more about this plan, just go through the link given below, and have a self-experience:

Joomla hosting:

So now, we are gone through well from the different hosting plans provided by the Resellerclub for its wide family. But will you think that this was enough for a well-established website. If the answer is no, then let’s go through the next section, where Resellerclub have another surprise for a user.


If an owner wants a well number of viewers on its website, then this feature is essential to have feedback, reviews and complaints, regarding to the content of its website. But general mail system isn’t sufficient to maintain such requirements.

But it is not a topic to worry if you were with the Resellerclub, because it has following categories to have emails for a user:

Business emails

Resellereclub Email Hosting

Before having this plan, I wold like to tell the specs of this plan which are as follows:

  • Provides a user with a mail storage up to five giga bytes.
  • Easy sync to all type of digital devices.
  • Can have multiple mail accounts for multiple teams for a single website.
  • Fully secured mailing feature.
  • Compatible with mobile apps.

With this feature in your website, you can create a good impression on your client. Also, it ensures the protection of the owner from the spam mails, creating an easy to go environment. But remember, this is meant for an individual user or it may be a group.

If you want to have the business emails from the Resellerclub, then click the link given below:

Business emails:

 Enterprise emails

In comparison with the business emails, it has many advantages for a user, which are as follows:

  • More storage space for a user, up to thirty giga bytes.
  • Provides additional cloud storage, up to five giga bytes, to share files and other resources.
  • Allow the owner to have its viewers mail and other information, for security and improvement purpose.
  • Allow the user to have its all social media mails at one place.

But don’t think that it ignores the features of the business mails, it was supposed to be an upgraded version of the same. Also, it differentiates the mail received by a user, in terms of important to be answered or not, as per to the setup by the user.

Along with these, this plan provides unlimited cloud storage to a user, with an ease to edit and share it at the same time, which could increase the productivity of the user.

If you were compassionate for your website, and wants a better result, then go through the link given below to have your dreams on hand:

 Enterprise emails:


G Suite
G Suite

Now this was seeming to be the supreme of the two mail plans described above, because of the following reasons:

  • Allow full access to Google’s business apps.
  • Allow real time editing and many more.
  • Online maintenance and sharing of documents
  • Cloud storage is up to thirty giga bytes, quite enough to full fill a user’s desires.
  • Increases the security by two step verification process.

Because of the power of the google, be sure that your work is never going to be down to the earth, it always headed toward the sky, beyond its limits.

Also, it removes the unwanted advertisement on the websites, and focuses on those, which hare really needed by the viewers or by the owner itself.

If you were satisfied user of google or know to e=what extent was googled friendly to its users, then click the link given below, without any doubts:


Now, if you gone through the upper portion properly, then this section was going to be beneficial, otherwise, just scroll your mouse from the beginning to get this section properly. Till now, you got hosting for your website along with email maintenance too.

But what threats a web user is the improper maintenance of its data due to poor security trends’. but with the Resellerclub, this threat is also gone far from a user’s range.

But what Resellerclub offers a user for its security, let’s check them out:

 Website Backup

This seems to be the most important feature for a user, for its betterment in the present and future. One must always be sure for its data, because it is not an easy job to recreate all the content again, if it disappears due to some reasons.

But with the Resellerclub, a user’s data is always safe from the outer web threats, which are so harmful that may lead to a major downfall for an owner.

The responsibility to have a user’s data backup with Resellerclub is of the Code Guard, one of the trusted backup service providers. But with this, a user’s data isn’t stored in a server, it was safe in the cloud. Because it is specially meant for the web developers, many other big companies invest in it, making it more trust worthy for the smaller ones.

Now to have a perfect backup plan for you, just visit the link given below:

Website Backup:

 SSL Certificate

This is the most required one for a website owner, that ensures its viewers that the information, the owner is asking in his website is hundred percent safe and can’t be misused in any condition.

If you currently maintaining a website, then you were able to know how important this for a user is. If an owner has SSL certification, the viewers are more trusted to buy things from it, rather than of those having lack of it.

It also creates a sense of responsibility about the owner of the website, its concern for its viewers and sincerity towards the norms of the internet.

So, if you were also looking for the SSL certification for your website, then click on the link given below to have its validity as per to your requirement.

SSL Certification:

Website Security

As mention earlier in this post, the security in charge.by the Resellerclub is the site lock, the ultimate protective partner for a website.

It seems to be interesting that there are more than ninety lakhs user with the site lock, which got a full, all rounder security for their precious website, with an ease of on-time functionality.

Site lock also provides malware removal tool, along with firewall, which was meant to be secure enough for an enterprise itself, with many other upgraded security tools, which are above the requirement of a user.

So, if you want to have your website secured, then go through the link given below.

Website security:

Some pros of the Resellerclub

Now I am pretty sure that you were quite impressed with the wide range of plans offered by the Reseller group and also have your mind to build your own website with them. But before having anything to be done, kindly contact to their support team, which gave you a proper advice as per to your requirements.

Also Read

With this, Resellerclub also offers the ticketing system to its users, with which they handle its large number of users in a very qualitative manner, which also gives relaxation to a user too.

Their helpline executives are also very well trained and well manner in comparison with the other, which assist each and every query with their full attention, with an intention to solve it properly, not poorly.

But I like the most about the Resellerclub is its knowledge base, where a user with its problem regarding to its particular demand can submit it to the Resellerclub and also can have its solution on its own, just going through the steps they have in this section, or provided in the mail of the user.

If you like this, then le me know in the comment section, so I will have the remaining features of the Resellerclub to you.

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