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Top 10 Tourist Places in Uttar Pradesh

Taj Mahal png
Taj Mahal 

INDIA is a place which boasts rich cultural heritage. Every part of India has its own attraction, which does not need to be specified. So let’s go to Uttar Pradesh and check out what major attraction for tourists this state offers.
This place first position in my list because it contains one of the seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal, built my mughal emporar shah jahan for his wife mumtaj along with many other beautiful monuments to see such as agra fort ( agra quila ), aram bagh, jama masjid, mehtab bagh. The agra art gallery, one of those galleries which contains many rare paintings of Mughal emperor, was one of the major attraction for tourists.
Agar is also famous for its one of the best sweet in all over the India, which is petha, prepare by house woman’s with traditional style and flavors.


Also know as city of nawabs , lucnow  was the capital of Uttar Pradesh and secure second position in my list because of its ancient charm and collection of nawabi houses in this area too . being a major attraction for nawabs , this place is full of art , music and literature .
Some places which one should visit in Lucknow are as follows :
  • Bara imamb
  • British residency
  •  Constantia house 
This place is famous for the religious beleife of Hinduism . according to hindu mytology , Varanasi is one from the seven holy places in India from where one can stars his afterlife journey without any interruption . this place is also important in Uttar Pradesh as the river ganga , add a magical impact into the environment of this holy place . many Bollywood movies also features this place because of its beauty .
This place have two major attraction in it , one is Kashi Vishwanath temple and the other one is Banaras Ghat.
I gave this place fourth place because I love the kumbh mela , which took place in every 12 year on this place , shows a huge gathering of religious peoples , basically who believe in Hinduism along with tourist , who came just because of the beautiful attraction of this place .
According to hindu mythology, lord brahma, also known as creator of world, have once steeped on this holy place. but despite of this, this place have many more attractions in it, which are as follows:
·        Triveni sangam
·        Khusro bagh
·        Patliputra temple
This place is a major attraction for industrialists in Uttar Pradesh , in terms of quality and quantity . a huge sum of people depends on this place because of their daily earnings from this place .
Instead of this , it has some other attraction in it like :
  •  Bithoor
  • Mecca masjid
  • Allen forest zoo
This is one of the place which I visit most often in Uttar Pradesh , I do not know why , just because of its simplicity , which attracts a thousand of people also . Now , according to hindu mythologies , Mathura is the place where lord Vishnu , in the form of lord Krishna , took his eight “ avtar “ . instead of this , this place also contains a major attraction in it , that is , peda , a sweet prepared from milk ( and personally , I love to have them ) .
Beside this , if you like to visit more , then here are some other places too :
  • Dwarkadish temple
  • Govardhan hill
  • Kans quila
This is one the best place renowned my Mughal emperor Akbar . one who loves to see a great artistic work can visit this place without any doubts . the places which contain other attractions are as follows :
  • Diwan – e – khas
  • Buland Darwaja
This place is also famous because of mythologies , but according to both hindu and muslim , as according to hindu mythology , this is the birthplace of lord rama (one of the 10 forms of lord Vishnu) , while this place contain babri masjid , which is one of the devotional place in muslim religion . still this place have more attractions in it , which are as follows :
  •  Hanuman garhi
  •  Gulab bari
This is also one of place which I love to visit frequently because in the heart of this place there are many stories related to lord Krishna , which was one of my favorite’s . instead of this , it contains some other attractions too :
  • Yamuna river
  • Iskon temple
  • Bankey bihsari temple
This place have its own significance in history because this place witness many battles, which are still in the heart of the peoples of this place . because of its historic significance , this place contain a lot of fort and other breath taking architectures , which one can see at the following places :
  • Jhansi fort
  • Parichha

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