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What is the best time to visit Philippines for family vacation


What is the best time to visit Philippines for family vacation:

Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the (What is the best time to visit Philippines for family vacation), There are a lot of countries around the world, where each person has an intention or dream to visits once in his whole life, to have new experiences, having inner happiness.
Philippines is also one of those countries, which in my opinion, one must have to visit, as it going to have an unforgettable place in once memory, for the lifetime.
But why? Let’s check together

About Philippines

Being situated at the southeast Asia, Philippines is a country having a collection of the seven thousand six hundred and forty-one island, which are divided into three major states, first one is Luzon, second one is Visayas and the third one is Mindanao.
Is was a country which shares its boundaries with five other countries, in which Taiwan is on north, Vietnam is on west, Palau is on east and Malaysia-Indonesia, having on the south.
The natives of Philippine speak almost eighteen different languages, which acts as a profitable asset for the country and creates a favorable environment for its neighbours.
Being situated near the pacific ring of fire, having a closeness to equators, Philippines face a large number of earthquakes, which are undetectable along with some minor level typhoons.
Beside of this, Philippines has world’s largest biodiversity, which includes over 100 mammal species along with 170 species of birds too, which also includes a huge amount of mineral deposit, due to volcanic activities in this country. the major minerals, which are found here is nickel, chromium and zinc of which 85 percentage is untapped because of strict rules of government along with an intention of perseveres by the people of the country.
Now, after reading this, you must have to know that what is the best time to visit Philippines?
So the answer is as follows:

What is the best time to visit Philippines for family vacation

 Now there is two options for the one to visits Philippines, in which the first one includes accessibility to a heart taking enjoyment on the place. for this, one must prefer the days between the month of November to April, as this was the driest part of the year, including some major festivals like banaag festival, in which plays are acted using light and its different mediums including surfing festival, in which a lot of participants come to participate from all around the world , including local ones too .
but if just have to see the enormous beauty of this place, which was also suitable for your pocket, then one must prefer to have it plan between the months of May and October, because at this time, sun is on its full, reducing crowds and making your tour peaceful and happy.
despite of this, the months of June to august have some of the relief in them as these are the rainy season, in which rain is uncertain, but only for a short time, making it a best choice for the couples to have in.
now it depends upon you that, when you have to plan your visit. but with this a new question arises in your mind, which is also an important one for your visit, is that where to visit?
so here is the answer

What is the best places to visit in Philippines

so here I am going to have five places of my choice, which I supposed to be the most attractive one in the Philippines.
Tubbataha Reef:
tubbataha reef
Now as mentioned earlier, Philippines has a huge collection of biodiversity. now in this, Tubbataha reef is famous as the marine sanctuary of this place, situated in sulu sea, having twenty-four thousand different and unique marine species, which was an important part of the coral triangle. as declared the world heritage site in 1993, this sanctuary has now a new importance for the peoples around there. here you can go for scuba diving and surfing along with fishing, which lies under certain rule by the Philippians government.

Mayon Volcano:

Mayon Volcano
Being the longest one of the country, Mayon Volcano is situated at a height of eight thousand feet above the sea level. its perfect conical shape is on the its attraction. it is also one of the active volcanos in the Philippines, making a picture perfect sense from a distance.
But here, you can enjoy only hiking, campaign and climbing, which was also allowed for a certain distance because of safety issues or unwanted threats.

Puerto Galera:

Puerto Galera
As the country is situated in between water, the coast attraction is a must and this place offers you the its gorgeous beaches. like white beach, which was named this because of sparkling white sand and sabang beach, know for the best diving spot.
Including this, the beaches offer people a huge option of shopping of marine items, along with fooding, nightlife and hotels too.
Here you can see the Asia’s best coral reef, because of the preserver by the people.

Puerto princesa underground river:

Puerto princesa underground river
It is situated on the northern coast of the island palwala. it is the most satisfying tourist place because of the calmness in the environment of this place. this place lien under a national park, which also offer a large number of water and land activities to tourists.
Being situated underground, it is the only world’s largest navigable river in which you can go in a boat and can capture its beauty in your pictures.

Chocolate hills:

Chocolate hills:
Chocolate hills are not made up of chocolate at all. the series of one thousand two hundred and sixty-eight hills got this name because of the colour, which appears in the dry season because of dead leaves and shredded tress. this series is situated in Bohol, in which each and every hill lies between the range of ninety-eight to one sixty-four feet. according to geologist, the hills ae formed because of weathered rocks, which was a kind of marine limestone, having a cover of clay.
But what attracts the most is the huge diversity of flora and fauna, found in this place.
If any Questions is persist then, please feel free to comment your viewpoints.

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