YouTube Latest update 2020

YouTube Latest update
Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the YouTube
Latest update 2020.
When the YouTube launched 13 years ago, it was a single website that is supporting
one video format, 320×240 at the 4:3 ratio. Fast forward to the today and YouTube
lets you watch any combination of the SD, HD, 4K, 360, 3-D, and live video on nearly
every device with an internet connection, from desktops to phones, tablets to TVs,
game consoles, and even VR headsets.
We have also introduced the apps and services that give you a new way to watch
and get an even closer to the content and creators that you love. The Music fans,
gamers, and TV lovers each have a unique experience tailored explicitly for their
favourite content with the YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube TV. For
the families who are looking for the best way to watch it together, we have launched
the YouTube Kids app. And for the fans who want an uninterrupted, ad-free
experience, and exclusive original content from the creators, there is the YouTube
Red membership.
To put it just, YouTube’s evolved a lot. And we are not close to done. Over the few
months, we have started releasing the updates and will continue to throughout the
rest of the year. We will bring a new level of the functionality and a more consistent
look at our desktop and mobile experiences.

YouTube Latest Updates & Features

Clean new design

We Have made the header white to let a content to take the lead and move
navigation tabs to the bottom of the apps, so they are closer to your thumbs. We also
added a new Library and Account tabs that give you easy access to what you are

Videos that move with you

One of the things which we are working on is the bring the gestures on YouTube.
Introduce gesture that allows you to double tap on the left or right side of a video to
fast forward or rewind in 10 seconds. We already see the billions of second valves
per a day. We give the sneak peek at another gesture I am excited about it. In the
recent months, we will experiment with a feature that lets you jump between the
videos and a simple swipe of your hand and just swipe left to watch a previous video
or swipe right to view the next one.

Watch at your own pace.

The Users love that they can speed up and slow down the playback of a video on the
desktop, and we are excited to bring this feature to the mobile app today, so you can
enjoy the videos at whatever speed you prefer.

Adapt to any video, beautifully

We Have also experimented with the new ways to display all the videos in the best
possible way. The YouTube player will seamlessly change the shape to match the
video format that you are watching, such as vertical, square or horizontal. It means
you will always get the best viewing experience automatically like vertical videos that
no black bars.

Browse and discover when watching

We were recently adding a feature that lets you view a row of suggested videos
while you are watching on the full screen. We are also working on transforming the
area below the player so that you can browse the videos in entirely new ways.
Browse and discover when watching. We are adding the feature that lets you view a
row of suggested videos while you are waiting for the full screen. We are also
working on transforming the area below the player so that you can browse
videos in new ways.
If any Questions are persisting then, please feel free to comment on your viewpoints.

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